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Η Εταιρεία


65 years of tradition, quality and expertise


  Our story begins in 1954 when Xenofon Simonetis together with his daughter Sylvia and his son-in-law Manolis Melidoniotis establish a small wood shop in the center of Corfu town.

  Over the years, the company continues to grow by expanding its product range and investing in modern production equipment. In 1978 the trust and support of the local community is so great that the need to relocate from the old warehouse in the city center is essential and so the company starts the process of moving to its new facilities in a 14000m2 area at Tria Gefyria which is to this day the location of the company.

  During the 1990's and 2000's, the company expands its sales in building materials and introduces semi-finished wood products and household items. Nowadays, the company, remains a leader in the field of wood commerce on the island and continues to grow, supplying construction sites throughout the territory and large projects in Corfu island. At the same time, it offers wholesale services to professionals and personalized solutions for the individual customer. The product range continues to grow and you can find in our store all kinds of timber and its derivatives, as well as a selection of building materials and items for your home, kitchen and garden. Finally, our staff is technically capable to solve any need you may have.



Imported Timber for every application. Scandinavian and European timber for roofs and pergolas. North and South American wood for furniture and tropical wood for outdoor use. You can also find various floorings and ceilings. Furthermore, we offer industrial panels of every kind and a great collection of wooden profiles and framings. Finally, we take great pride in our GLULAM timber imported from Germany which is of the highest industry standards for use in high demand projects accompanied with every specification and guidance you may need.


Construction materials for building or improving your home. A huge variety of roof tiles is available accompanied with a great collection of complimentary product. You can also find a vast range of heating or sound insulation, plasterboards and fitting materials. We offer gutters in various styles and colors, modern or traditional. In our shelves you can also find sealing and bonding products, varnishes and other supporting products


Our showroom is equipped with a huge variety of products for your home, kitchen, closet and garden. You can find different kind of doors, skylights, cabinets and equipment to build or renovate your kitchen. Furthermore, there is a great variety of household hardware such us handles, furniture legs and fireplace accessories among many other options.

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Phone: (+30) 26610 25303
Fax: (+30) 26610 39567

Ethniki Leukimis

3 Gefyria

Corfu 49100

Monday - Friday: 8:00 - 15:30

​​​Saturday: 8:00 - 13:00

Sunday: Closed

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